What to Write About

How to figure out what to write about

Finding Your Theme

Sounds good, but I don't know what to write about!

This is probably the most common objection people run into. If you have ideas, then you're lucky - run with it! Most of the time this seems overwhelming because people try to come up with a whole slew of ideas or a very specific grand idea. Both are difficult to come up with. Instead, we suggest you narrow down to a theme. With a good theme, you create a specific lens that you can look through the world at. When you do this, almost anything can become a valid idea.

The formula for coming up with a theme is: area of interest + twist + constraint.

1. Area of interest

The first step in finding a theme is to identify what you want your capital to be built in. If you write about enterprise products, but you actually are interested in consumer, then this would not make sense. Identify what you would like to be associated with and pick that as your starting point.

For example, some ideas can be:

  • AI
  • Crypto
  • Games
  • Productivity

It's ok to be broad. You don't need to have a specific niche at this point.

2. Add a twist

Next, take your area of interest and come up with a slight twist by giving it a different perspective. A common way to do this is to take something different from the topic at hand and to combine it together. You can explore anything from audiences and functions to geographies and more. You should keep your twist specific to something you know.

For example:

  • AI + UX design: explore how designs have to change for AI products
  • Crypto + Restaurants: explore how restaurants could use crypto
  • Games + Chores: explore the positive effects games can could have on accomplishing boring tasks
  • Productivity + Elderly: explore how productivity could be improved for an aging cohort

3. Add a constraint

The last step is to add a constraint. By constraining the theme, you make it more focused and more likely to stick out to someone. You should keep your constraint specific to something you know or personally experience.

For example:

  • AI + UX design + failures: analyze failed designs for AI products
  • Crypto + Restaurants + High-End: analyze how high-end restaurants could use crypto
  • Games + Chores + Moms: explore games/tasks for moms
  • Productivity + Elderly + Grandparents: productivity for when you need to help your grandparents

Applying Your Theme

Now that you have a theme, you can apply it. If you kept everything within a realm you personally experience, then chances are you will simply naturally be exposed to experiences that will make it easy for you to get ideas.

For example:

  • AI + UX design + failures

    • If you love playing out with new products then it's easy to explore more
  • Crypto + Restaurants + High-End:

    • If you go out to eat at high-end places, then it's easy to analyze each new place
  • Games + Chores + Moms:

    • If you're a mom, then new ideas will come to you just by taking care of your kids
  • Productivity + Elderly + Grandparents:

    • If you have grandparents that constantly need help, then you already have exposure