UX Design

Learn about UX and the design process


These skills are about understanding how to design for user-focused experiences. You should be able to construct a very basic wireframe that communicates the product idea.

The Basics

As a PM, you will work with designers a lot. Both roles are very user-focused, responsible for building user empathy, and coming up with a good user experience, only with different tools. You don't directly design the product - although you provide guidance on making trade-offs and prioritizing what should be in the product. It's a collaborative, iterative process that requires a good working partnership.


As a PM, you primarily use wireframes or other low fidelity design options as a way to communicate product ideas to designers. Once the designer gets the idea, he or she will generally produce a more acceptable wireframe. These more professional wireframes will typically go into your product requirements which can then more easily understood by the engineering team.


Action Items
✅ Be able to put together a simple wireframe
✅ Be able to explain different design assets
✅ Be able to explain the design process