Learn common product development processes


These skills are about understanding how to implement processes and organize resources. You’ll need to know some industry terminology, mostly in agile software development. It’s good enough to know the basic terms and concepts. You’ll find that each company does things differently, so over-optimizing on finding the “best” methods won’t be very useful.

Agile Project Management

It’s important to note that this realm is generally more in the space of a project manager (which is different from a product manager). However, if there is not a project manager, the product manager is fully expected to handle this role. Even with a project manager partner, a product manager is expected to understand and participate in the process.

Common Tools

You don’t need to sign up to learn these tools. Plus every company does their implementation differently. Over time you’ll develop an opinion on which one you like better. Here's the most common ones to help you understand the landscape.

  • JIRA: the most common agile management tool
  • Asana: generally favored by smaller tech companies
  • Trello: generally favored by startups with small dev teams


Action Items
✅ Be able to explain what agile is at a high level
✅ Be able to explain what a PM does in an agile team at a high level