Product Requirements

Create a Product Requirements Document


Based on the context that was shared with us, we're going to start creating a product requirements document or PRD. This is a document that outlines the specific requirements of our application. The PRD is what the development team uses to execute on the product idea. It is one of the most essential assets that a product manager produces.

We want to keep everything simple and concise in our PRD. We want to make sure our PRD answers all the key questions below.


  • What is the main user problem we are trying to solve?
  • How does our app solve this problem?

Value Propositions

  • What value will the user get from this application?

Target Users

  • Who is the target user for this application?

Use Cases & Features

  • What are the major use cases our application must accomplish for the user?
  • What are the major features we need to create to deliver those use cases?

Feature Requirements

  • What are the specific requirements each feature must have?

Creating the PRD

Let's go ahead and create the PRD!

View Completed PRD