Measuring Success

Define how we will measure success for our product


The last thing we need to do is to define how we will measure success for our product. This means defining the key metrics for the product. These metrics are used not only to identify the current state of the product, but also to identify how to improve the product later. Commonly, these metrics are socialized within an organization to align stakeholders, get more resources, or prioritize future efforts.

Here’s some questions we want to ask ourselves as we think through this process:

  • What would a user need to do to be considered engaged with the app?
  • What kind of funnel might exist for a user to go from signup to engaged?
  • Are there any activities on our app that indicate value is being created?
  • What kind of per user metrics might be useful?
  • What kind of user behavior would be useful to measure?

Success Metrics

Metric Deck

This deck covers different ways to measure success

Exploration Discussion

This dicussion highlights why certain metrics were choosen