Development Checkpoint

Determine where you want to go


Now that we have wireframes, it’s time to build our product. We’re going to build our own application using a visual programming tool called Bubble. Why Bubble? Because it allows us to quickly bootstrap an application and explore programming logic using a graphical user interface, thereby removing the limitation of needing to know how to code.

Product managers almost never directly code the applications they are managing. Instead, they work with the development team to provide guidance on what is valuable to build and why. It’s a very tightly coupled workflow that requires constant communication. This is why it’s often a requirement for product managers to have some technical knowledge of how applications are built. The development cycle contains a lot of uncertainties, trade-offs, and changing priorities. A product manager is expected to make a lot of decisions during this process and making the right decisions requires a baseline understanding of development. So while coding knowledge is not strictly required, having a general understanding of applications work is essential.

Pick your path

At this point, there's a couple of development options for you. Pick a path based on what you are trying to learn.

Gain technical knowledge

This path is for those who want to actually gain some technical knowledge of how apps work. If you are coming from a non-technical background and you're trying to break into product, we highly encourage you to take this path.

Regardless of what product you actually manage, you'll be expected to know some technical basics as long as you are involved in a technology company. This is a great way to both learn a new tool and roll up your sleeves to build something.

Guided tutorial

We offer a guided tutorial with step-by-step build of how to complete the example app.

Run yourself

If you feel confident and want to test your no-code hustling skills, you can build your own version of the app on Bubble. Bubble offers lessons that help you get acquainted with the interface and functionality.

Skip technical knowledge

This path is for those who just want to understand product management at a high level. If you're just exploring and don't have time to develop technical knowledge or you're technical already, then take this path.

You can play around with the completed example app and simply continue to the next section.